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While originally New Zealand was only Maori, later it became bicultural with colonial and rural values. Contemporary New Zealand is a cosmopolitan culture and part of educated, developed Western society.

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You probably shouldn't date straight men from Auckland. I present to you - the by-no-means-definitive guide to dating the men of Auckland. The dating pool these days can be oh so easy to enter and yet terrifying and New Zealanders Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously If you want a man or woman who can fix a car, tend a veggie patch, surf, ride a horse or.

So if you are planning a trip to the Southern hemisphere in search of socializing opportunities, stop by New Zealand and check out its men. This website has many millionaire men from New Zealand looking for women to date.

The hands-on pioneer Men in New Zealand are believed to be quite efficient in a practical and active kind of way. They are considered to be good with machines and animals , particularly horses, besides being able to turn their hands to nearly anything. This stereotype of the pioneer man has something in common with the frontier men of North America as well as the settlers of the Australian outbacks. The image of the rugged male Kiwi probably goes back to the time when men in New Zealand were the first settlers and had to make their living off the land.

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Tough and practical, they could fix anything with a length of fencing wire and were sure to come up with a workable solution for almost any kind of problem. So your New Zealand male friend may not speak five languages but you can surely depend upon him to mow the lawn and change a flat tire.

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Suspicious of intellectualism The image of the male Kiwi as a strong, rugged and active guy goes together with a deep distrust of intellectualism. New Zealanders do not have a particularly high regard for intellectual activity, especially if it is more theoretical than practical.

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This is unlike many Europeans but similar to what people in Australia and some in America too think about purely intellectual pursuits. Instead what is more valued is the 'kiwi ingenuity' according to which all problems are better solved by seeing what works than by applying a theory.

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A relatively isolated South Pacific location and rugged landscapes make many New Zealanders quietly independent, resourceful and self-reliant. The basketball singlet is complemented by a cap to hide the receding hair line a common side-effect of the 'roids and a pair of service-station bought, speed-dealer sunnies. We just had a horror year on the roads - this year has started worse. He actually says yes. You are here Home. Share on Google Plus google-plus.

In their daily lives thus New Zealand men may depict a laconic manner and mistrust of conversation. And the country has produced its own share of academicians and scientists like Ernest Rutherford, J. Pocock and Alan MacDiarmid.

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Love of sports Yet another common trait of New Zealand men is their love of sports. Whilegolf, netball, tennis and cricket are the four top participatory sports, soccer is the most popular among young men and rugby union attracts the most spectators.

New Zealand's national rugby union team is often regarded as the best in the world and is the reigning World Cup holder. Paradoxically, this can make New Zealand quite a happy hunting ground for both male and female travelers. Attitudes to sex are as liberal as anywhere, and relationships are generally quite uncomplicated once they get going.

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Travelers are seen as exotic, and if you take the daring step of openly showing an interest in someone, you should do well. Once upon a time, New Zealand men were rugged types who made their living off the land.

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Tough and practical, they could fix anything with a length of fencing wire, and were suspicious of anyone with a vocabulary of more than ten words. However, they retain the same laconic manner and mistrust of conversation. Faced with a pretty girl, a Kiwi guy will tend to hang his head and look at her warily like a sheepdog eyeing a rogue ewe.

Despite this, New Zealand men do quite well when traveling overseas.

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Most play sport or are active in some way, and with the sprinkling of Polynesian genes, are often rustically good looking. Beneath the awkward exterior, they are also usually sincere and loyal. If you do get in a relationship with a New Zealand guy expect to be treated as an equal partner — down to joining him in his favourite pursuits of camping, touch rugby and drinking games.