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We talk everyday videochat when we can. Im glad that we have a couple of months before getting intimate or anything like that. This time around I stepped out of my comfort zone. The more I talk to him and learn about him he becomes more s attractive. I guess I worried about what my family and friends will think.

Reblogged this on poemsbysholaanyi. I sooo love this piece you wrote and how your humor and personality show through. So excited to find your blog…I was looking for info on if guys from Ghana are playas! And came across your post.

1. A Genuine and Contagious Smile

You are commenting using your Facebook account. He is married and anything he says about your relation with him is a lie. I really love him, however I don't know because this culture does not make any sense. So many guys I meet just want to skip that part, and go straight into the relationship. When I walked in he was sitting right there! AfroRomance helps you meet the hottest men in Ghana.

I think I found my answer though. Like Suzanne, I was also looking to see what kind of playas Ghanian men are. He was already talking like we were a couple.

A bit of a debate ensued as I told him I would not let him come into my home, but we could meet outside somewhere you know, like a date or something silly like that , and he got all preachy about trust issues and how I needed to have faith. Is this normal for Ghana men? This happened to me before with another African.

The relationship lasted 10 days, the last 5 of which I was trying to get him to leave my house. Hi Cassy, first of all, I want to be you when I grow up: Thanks for your reply.

He bought me a big bouquet of flowers and a silver necklace. I had to draw the line with sex, though, and he actually respected that. He has still yet to take me out at night, though. We both work long hours in the day and I know he plays basketball and tutors after hours. I am totally just going with the flow and not getting too wrapped up in this.

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But he told me he loves me. The age is still a major issue for me. A lot of weird behavior ensued and over the next two months it was mostly screaming matches I screamed at him and him laughed at me as if it was all playful fun to behave this way in a relationship. He made me crazy! We did go out at night a couple of times, and had a lot of fun! He likes to dance and so do I, but always the next day it was back to his strange behavior.

The last time we went out he got up the next morning and left. I tried to call him the next day but no answer.

I never heard from him for weeks. I went to Europe for holiday, and the day I returned he called me from Ghana.

At that point I had forgotten about him and wanted nothing to do with him. About a month after he returned to China he sent me a message that he was coming for an interview at my company! I never responded to his messages or calls, but quickly went to HR to tell them not to give him any information about me. When I walked in he was sitting right there!

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She showed me his CV. No privacy issues here!! He had a friend with him and wanted me to open the door. I knew that if I opened that door I would be spending at least an hour trying to get rid of him again. After about 10 minutes he finally left after realizing I had contacted someone to tell them he was bothering me.

I think he was afraid that they would call the police this had been a threat I made in a prior argument. But during the time he was at my door he told me he had just moved into my apartment complex. So, to sum it up, always trust your first instincts, ladies!

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We may not need to emphasize so much on this as we believe every lady here in Ghana knows the role her figure plays when it comes to being noticed by a guy. Thin waists and broader hips are usually associated with fertility as well as sexual pleasure and prowess, which are among the things every guy desires. Having said that, it is important to as well stress that the fine skin needs to be cared for and maintained. Whatever the color, Ghanaian guys are attracted to a spotless, smooth, and glowing skin.

A manly voice is a huge turn off so please start tuning your voice up. The way you are sitting the moment a guy spots you can tell a lot about your personality.

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Read our guide to all the reasons why dating someone from Ghana will enhance your life experience. In the same way, a Ghanaian man will do all it takes to capture his woman. He will give plenty of gifts. He will patiently wait and visit on end.

Looking for my soulmate My name is Qwame I am God fearing guy I put God first in everything I do, Hardworking person, and "self-motivation, I'm positive thinking person, I am a honest fun loving, careing, compasionate, guy, Looking for wife,Friend must have sense of humor! If you are easily offended and do not know how to laugh, I am not for you.

In a long term relationship with a Ghanian Man - Accra Forum

Do not ask a question if you cannot live with the answer. I will not lie to Good can be bad. Bad can be good Am a very simple man and passionate about many things. A moment Hey I am down to earth guy i Love traveling culture and reading a lot readers are leaders I am very humble respectful faithful honest I Love swimming dancing love going out for a walk I Sport football

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