Halo 4 banned from playing matchmaking

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Sign up for free! I got banned from matchmaking because i had to quit the game to leave several times and now it says that im banned Way to stop getting it completely is to never play multiplayer if you might have to before you've been playing that match for an hour.

[Locked] Temporarily Banned from Matchmaking?

IE Your playing a bit before you need to leave your home for work is a bad time to play. I don't know how long, but I'm kind of glad you did. Quitting games is for cry babies.

Just because you're losing or you don't have the game you like, doesn't mean that you should quit out, it lets the rest of your team down. This question has been successfully answered and closed. Question Status Quitting ban???

Answered Can anything I can do about the mute ban? Posted 01 August - Hi my account was also banned from matchmaking. I don't believe I did anything wrong.

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It's really easy to not get banned, play the game(s) you want or a game . A ban for three days is rather harsh for quitting about games. MCC. There is no description for why this happened. I have never quit a game, etc. I've played just CE and 3 matchmaking. Can I find out why.

I would tea bag people but I would never smack talk them or break the rules. We need more details please. Back to top 5 Spyro Spyro The Arbiter. Posted 02 August - Wait, you get banned for an hour for quitting?

Banned from halo 4 matchmaking

If you quit 6 games in arow, or something like that.. Not to sure how many games you gotta quit out of but it happens. It's happened to me. Back to top 7 Kazadure Kazadure Prophet of Regret.

Posted 24 October - Posted 28 October - Posted 04 November - Everytime i go on war games just before it starts the game it kicks me out and says that everyone else has left thus leaving me in the lobby alone or it goes to the blue badge like it should but then returns me to the main screen is it a ban and what should i do????

Might just be a connection error. Try restarting your router.

Real Talk - MCC's Aiming, Bans, and "Mixtape Matchmaking"

If this always happens, get in touch with , they'll know what to do. Posted 15 November - Back to top 14 Pbrabbit Pbrabbit The Pbrabbit.

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Posted 02 January - Well one way to solve this problem is not to quit Posted 03 January - Pbrabbit the problem with that is most of the good Halo players have left and only the less skilful ones are left so it is really frustrating to play with less skilled players than you and watch them do really stupid things.

Posted 08 January - So you guys are gonna quit because you're absolutely dominating the other team? Or am I not getting something? First person to serve two consecutive terms as president of the USF. This has happened to me quite a few times.